List of Delimiter Symbols in LaTeX

In LaTeX, delimiter symbols are used to enclose and group parts of mathematical exxpressions and provide clarity to the notation. Delimiters are crucial in expressing the complex mathematical expressions, fractions, matrices and other structures.

LaTeX offers a variety of delimiter symbols, below are the commonly used symbols.

Symbol LaTeX Command Description
( ) \left( \right) Parentheses
[ ] \left[ \right] Square Brackets
{ } \left{ \right} Curly Braces
| | \lvert \rvert Double Vertical Bars
|/ \lVert \rVert Double Vertical Bars (Variant)
⟨ ⟩ \langle \rangle Angle Brackets
⌊ ⌋ \lfloor \rfloor Floor Brackets
⌈ ⌉ \lceil \rceil Ceiling Brackets
/ / Slash (Solidus)
\ \backslash Backslash
| \vert Vertical Bar
| \Vert Double Vertical Bar (Variant)
\uparrow \uparrow Up Arrow
\downarrow \downarrow Down Arrow
\updownarrow \updownarrow Up-Down Arrow
\Uparrow \Uparrow Double Up Arrow
\Downarrow \Downarrow Double Down Arrow
\Updownarrow \Updownarrow Double Up-Down Arrow
\ulcorner \ulcorner Upper Left Corner
\urcorner \urcorner Upper Right Corner
\llcorner \llcorner Lower Left Corner
\lrcorner \lrcorner Lower Right Corner