List of Greek symbols in LaTeX

In LaTeX, greek symbols are used to represent the letter of Greek alphabet.These symbols are used in mathematical notation, scientific equations, and various technical fields.

The greek symbols used in LaTeX are given below.

Lowercase Uppercase LaTeX Command Description
α Α \alpha Alpha
β Β \beta Beta
γ Γ \gamma Gamma
δ Δ \delta Delta
ε Ε \epsilon Epsilon
ζ Ζ \zeta Zeta
η Η \eta Eta
θ Θ \theta Theta
ι Ι \iota Iota
κ Κ \kappa Kappa
λ Λ \lambda Lambda
μ Μ \mu Mu
ν Ν \nu Nu
ξ Ξ \xi Xi
ο Ο \omicron Omicron
π Π \pi Pi
ρ Ρ \rho Rho
σ Σ \sigma Sigma
τ Τ \tau Tau
υ Υ \upsilon Upsilon
φ Φ \phi Phi
χ Χ \chi Chi
ψ Ψ \psi Psi
ω Ω \omega Omega