List of logic symbols in LaTeX

In LaTeX, logic symbols are used to represent the various logical operations and mathematical concepts. These symbols plays a very important role in expressing the logical statements, relationships.

The most commonly used logic symbols in LaTeX are given below.

Symbol LaTeX Command Description
\exists there exists at least one
∃! \exists! there exists one and only one
\nexists there is no
\forall for all
¬ \neg not (logical not)
\lor or (logical or)
\land and (logical and)
\Longrightarrow or \implies implies
\Rightarrow (preferred for right implication)
\Longleftarrow is implied by (only if)
\Leftarrow (preferred for left implication)
\iff is equivalent to (if and only if, iff)
\Leftrightarrow (preferred for equivalence)