List of Bracket Symbols in LaTeX

In LaTex, bracket symbols are used to group mathematical expressions and to provide additional structure to equations. There are different types of bracket symbols available, each caters to specific purpose in mathematical notation.

The most commonly bracket symbols used in LaTeX are given below.

Symbol LaTeX Command Description
[ ] \lbrack \rbrack Square Brackets
{ } \lbrace \rbrace Curly Braces
( ) \left( \right) Round Brackets
⟨ ⟩ \langle \rangle Angle Brackets
⌊ ⌋ \lfloor \rfloor Floor Brackets
⌈ ⌉ \lceil \rceil Ceiling Brackets
| | \lvert \rvert Double Vertical Bars
|/ \lVert \rVert Double Vertical Bars (Variant)