List of Geometry Symbols

In LaTeX, geometry symbols are used to represent various geometry concepts such as shapes,measurements. These symbols are essesntial in expressing the geometry properties and relationships in mathematical notation.

LaTeX offers a varierty of geometry symbols to enhance and improve LaTeX documentation. These symbols are given below.

Symbol LaTeX Command Term
\overline{\rm AB} Line Segment
\overrightarrow{\rm AB} Ray (Half-line)
\angle Angle
\measuredangle Measured Angle
\triangle Triangle
\square Square
\cong Congruent (Same Shape and Size)
\ncong Not Congruent
\sim Similar (Same Shape)
\nsim Not Similar
| Is Parallel with
\nparallel Is Not Parallel with
\perp Is Perpendicular to
\not\perp Is Not Perpendicular to
\cap Intersection
\cup Union
\subset Subset
⊂⊄ \subsetneq Proper Subset
\supset Superset
⊃⊄ \supsetneq Proper Superset
\emptyset Empty Set
° \degree Degree Symbol