How to Write Percent (%) Symbol in LaTeX

To write percent symbol (%) in LaTeX, use the LaTeX command %. It will add % symbol in the text.

The percent symbol (%) holds a significant importance as it is used to represent percentages, ratios, and proportions.

In this article, we will discuss how to type percent symbol (%) in the LaTeX document and their significance in the mathematical expressions and scientific disciplines.

Symbol Overview

Symbol: Percent Symbol

Unicode: U+0025

Type: Mathematical

Package Requirement: None (built-in symbol)

Argument: None (no additional arguments needed)

LaTeX Command: %

Example: %


To insert the percent symbol (%) in LaTeX, you will need to use the backslash followed by the percent sign.


Examples of Writing the Percent Symbol

Let’s explore some of the practical examples of using the LaTeX command to write the percent symbol.

Write Percent Symbol to Represent “75%”


Output: 👇️


Here, in the above example, it uses the percent symbol to represent the “75%” in the LaTeX document.

Insert Percent Symbol in Text to Represent Mathematical Expression (15% of x)

15\% \text{ of } x

Output: 👇️

15% of x

Write Percent Symbol to Represent the Fraction in Mathematics Equation

   \[ \frac{15}{20} = 75\% \]
   \[ \frac{32}{40} = 80\% \]

Output: 👇️

15/20 = 75% 32/40 = 80%

In the above LaTeX code, it displays the two mathematical equations that use the percent symbol to represent the fractions as percentages.

Use of Percent Symbol in Text and Mathematical Equations

The percent symbol can be used in both text and mathematical equations, such as

  • In Text: “The discount is 10%”.
  • In Mathematical Equations: 10/100 or 0.1.


Inserting the percent symbol in LaTeX documents is straightforward using the LaTeX command % . LaTex offers a various and efficient way to handle percent symbol in both text and mathematical expressions.

Write writing the percent symbol in LaTeX documents, ensure appropriate spacing around the percent symbol in text for readability.