List of Other Symbols in LaTeX

In LaTex, it offers variety of other symbols to represent various mathematical, logical and typographic elements in LaTeX documents.

Here is the list of some other commonly used symbols in LaTex.

Symbol LaTeX Command Description
% \percent Percent
\permil Permille
\aleph Aleph
\beth Beth
\daleth Daleth
\gimel Gimel
\complement Complement
\ell Script Small L
ð \eth Eth
\hbar Planck Constant (h-bar)
\hslash Planck Constant (h-bar)
\mho Conductance
\partial Partial Derivative
\wp Weierstrass P
\circledS Circled S
\Bbbk Blackboard Bold k
\Finv Inverted F
\Game Game
\Im Imaginary Part
\Re Real Number
\forall For All
k \Bbbk Blackboard Bold k
\wp Weierstrass P
\nabla Nabla
\exists Exists
F \bigstar Big Star
\angle Angle
\partial Partial Derivative
@ \nexists Negated Exists
 \diagdown Diagonal Down
] \measuredangle Measured Angle
ð \eth Eth
\emptyset Empty Set
 \diagup Diagonal Up
^ \sphericalangle Spherical Angle
\clubsuit Club Suit
\varnothing Empty Set
\Diamond Diamond
{ \complement Complement
\diamondsuit Diamond Suit
ı \imath Math Italic i
` \Finv Inverted F
O \triangledown Triangle Down
\heartsuit Heart Suit
\jmath Math Script j
a \Game Game
4 \triangle Triangle
\spadesuit Spade Suit
` \ell Script Small L
~ \hbar Planck Constant (h-bar)
M \vartriangle Upright Triangle
· \cdots Centered Ellipsis
RRRR \iiiint Quadruple Integral
} \hslash Planck Constant (h-bar)
 \blacklozenge Black Lozenge
. Ellipsis
\vdots \vdots Vertical Dots
RRR \iiint Triple Integral
\lozenge Lozenge
 \blacksquare Black Square
. Ellipsis
\ldots \ldots Lowercase Dots
RR \iint Double Integral
f \mho Conductance
N \blacktriangle Black Triangle
. Ellipsis
\ddots \ddots Diagonal Dots
] \sharp Sharp
\prime Prime
H \blacktrinagledown Black Triangle Down
= \Im Imaginary Part
[ \flat Flat
\ \square Square
8 \backprime Backward Prime
\ \natural Natural
\surd Square Root
s \circledS Circled S
< \leq Less than or equal to