List of Relation Symbols in LaTeX

In LaTeX, relation symbols are used to express the various relationship between mathematical expressions, elements, and sets. These symbols plays a crucial role in expressing comparisions,orders and connections between the elements in mathematical notation.

The most commonly used relation symbols are given below.

Symbol LaTeX Command Description
< \textless less than
> \textgreater greater than
= = equal to
\nless not less than
\ngtr not greater than
\neq or \ne not equal to
\leq or \leqslant less than or equal to
\geq or \geqslant greater than or equal to
\nleq or \nleqslant neither less than nor equal to
\ngeq or \ngeqslant neither greater than nor equal to
\ll much less than
\gg much greater than
\lll very much less than
\ggg very much greater than
\parallel parallel to
\nparallel not parallel to
\doteq approaches the limit
\equiv equivalent to
\approx Approximately Equal
\cong congruent to or approximately equal to
\simeq asymptotically equal to
\sim similar to
\subset subset of
\supset superset of
\not\subset not a subset of
\not\supset not a superset of
\subseteq subset of or equal to
\supseteq superset of or equal to
\nsubseteq neither a subset of nor equal to
\nsupseteq neither a superset of nor equal to
\sqsubset square image of
\sqsupset square original of
\sqsubseteq square image of or equal to
\sqsupseteq square original of or equal to
\prec precedes
\succ succeeds
\nprec not precede
\nsucc not succeed
\preceq precedes or equal to
\succeq succeeds or equal to
\npreceq not precede or equal
\nsucceq not succeed or equal
\propto proportional to
\asymp equivalent to
\bowtie bowtie
\in element of
\ni contains as member
\notin not an element of