How to Use LaTeX Sine Symbol

To write the Pi (π) in LaTeX, use the LaTeX command \pi. It will add π symbol in the text.

In this article, we will discuss how to use pi (π) in the LaTeX document and their significance in the calculating the circumference and area of circles and spheres. It is widely used to solve geometry and trigonometry problems.

Symbol Overview

Symbol: Pi

Unicode: U+03C0

Type: Mathematical Constant

Package Requirement: None (built-in symbol)

Argument: None (no additional arguments needed)

LaTeX Command: \pi

Example: π


The pi is a built-in symbol available in LaTeX, is one of the known mathematical constants. It is commonly used in mathematical expressions, geometry and trigonometry.


The LaTeX command \pi is used to display the pi symbol.


Let’s understand using pi symbol in various domains like mathematics, trigonometry with the help of examples.

Using the Pi Symbol in a Mathematical Expression

$Area of circle = \pi r^{2}$

Output: 👇️

Area of circle = πr2

In the above example, the pi symbol is used to represent the constant π in the formula to calculate area of the circle.

Using the Pi Symbol in Geometry


Output 👇️


In the above example, the pi symbol is used in the sine function as argument, represent the angle of 90 degrees (π/2 radians).


The pi symbol has numerous applications in LaTeX documents such as:

  • Calcualate areas and conferences of circles and spheres.
  • Define angles in trigonometric functions.
  • Represent the constants in mathematical equations.


I hope the above article on how to use pi symbol help you. The pi symbol (π) is a fundamental constant in mathematics and widely used in LaTeX documents.

While working on geometry, trigonometric calculations or any mathematical equations, the pi symbol enhances the quality and clarity of LaTeX documents.