List of Trigonometric Symbols in LaTeX

In LaTeX, trigonometric symbols are used to represent various trigonometric functions, and angles. These symbols play a significant role in mathematical notation, especially in trigonometry and geometry.

The below are the commonly used list of trigonometric symbols in LaTeX.

Symbol LaTeX Command Description
π \pi Pi
sin \sin Sine
cos \cos Cosine
tan \tan Tangent
cot \cot Cotangent
sec \sec Secant
csc \csc Cosecant
arcsin \arcsin Arcsine
arccos \arccos Arccosine
arctan \arctan Arctangent
arccot \arccot Arccotangent
arcsec \arcsec Arcsecant
sinh \sinh Hyperbolic Sine
cosh \cosh Hyperbolic Cosine
tanh \tanh Hyperbolic Tangent
coth \coth Hyperbolic Cotangent