List of Calculus Symbols

In LaTeX, calculus symbols are used to represent mathematical expressions and operations related to calculus. These symbols plays crucial roles in expressing integrations, limits, differentiation, infinity and other mathematical concepts.

The most commonly used calculus symbols in LaTeX are given below.

Symbol LaTeX Command Description
\int Integral
\iint Double Integral
\iiint Triple Integral
\oint Contour Integral
\oiint Surface Integral
\oiiint Volume Integral
\nabla Nabla (Gradient Operator)
\partial Partial Derivative
\infty Infinity
lim \lim Limit
d \mathrm{d} Infinitesimal Differential
Δx \Delta x Change in x
Δy \Delta y Change in y
δx \delta x Infinitesimal Change in x
δy \delta y Infinitesimal Change in y
Σ \Sigma Summation