How to write integral Symbol in LaTeX

To write integral symbol (∫) in LaTeX, use the LaTeX command \int. It will add ∫ symbol in the text.

In this article, we will discuss how to use calculus integral symbol (∫) in the LaTeX document and their significance in the mathematical expressions and scientific disciplines.

Symbol Overview

Symbol: Integral

Unicode: U+222B

Type: Mathematical

Package Requirement: None (built-in symbol)

Argument: None (no additional arguments needed)

LaTeX Command: \int



The integral symbol (∫) is built-in symbol available in LaTeX,denoted by command \int. It is very significant mathematical symbol used to calculate the area under the curve and volumes in calculus and geometry.


The LaTeX command \int is used to write the integral symbol.


The basic syntax for an indefinite integral is as follows:

\int f(x) dx

Output: 👇️


For definite integral, you can use the following syntax:

\int_{a}^{b} f(x) dx

Output: 👇️


Where f(x) is the integrand, a and b are the lower and upper limits of integration respectively.

Using the Indefinite Integral Symbol in a Mathematical Expression

\int x^2 dx

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Using the Definite Integral Symbol in Calculus

\int_{0}^{1} \frac{1}{x} dx

Output 👇️

101/x dx


The integral symbol has extensive applications various mathematical and scientific fields such as:

  • Calculation of areas and volumes in calculus and geometry
  • Solve problems involving continous functions
  • Determine probability distributions in statistics and probability theory.


The integral symbol (∫) is used to perform integration in calculus.

Using the above syntax and examples presented in this article, you can write and use integral symbol in your LaTeX documents to represent the integration and solve complex mathematical expressions.