List of Binary Operators Symbols in LaTeX

In LaTeX, binary operators are symbols used to perform binary operations on mathematical expression and performing operations on operands.

A binary operator typically takes two operands, one on the left and another on right side of the symbol and combines them to produce a result.

The commonly used binary operators symbols in LaTeX is given below.

Symbol LaTeX Command Description
± \pm Plus or Minus
\mp Minus or plus
× \times Multiply
÷ \div Divided
\ast Asterisk
\star Star
\dagger Dagger
\ddagger Double dagger
\cap Set intersection
\cup Set union
\uplus Multiset union
\sqcap Squared cap
\sqcup Squared cup
\vee N-ary logical or
\wedge N-ary logical and
\cdot Centered dot
\diamond Diamond
\bigtriangleup Big triangle up
\bigtriangledown Big triangle down
\triangleleft Triangle left
\triangleright Triangle right
\bigcirc Big circle
\bullet Bullet
\wr Wreath product
\oplus Circled plus
\ominus Circled minus
\otimes Circled times
\oslash Circled division
\odot Circled dot
\circ Small circle
\setminus Set minus
⨿ \amalg Amalgamation